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5% of the Company profit is intended for socially vulnerable children, another 5% is used to support of educational activities.


Legal Consulting (civil and administrative law)


The company provides legal service in the sphere of civil and administrative law, which concludes preparation of agreements, legal evaluations, determination of risks, participation in negotiations, preparation of legal opinion, foundation of companies, registration of representations of foreign companies in Georgia, efficient management and tax administration of companies, representation in courts, state agencies and arbitration.



The company is especially focused on the following segment:


  • Civil law
  • Corporate   law
  • Tax law
  • Real estate law
  • Banking and credit law
  • Construction law
  • Labor law
  • Copyright protection
  • Finance and securities law
  • Administrative law
  • Foreigners law


Consultations can be delivered verbally, in written or online format, depending on the customer’s wish.



Representation in Court (legal service)


The company represents and protects interests of principals in state agencies, arbitration and courts of Georgia in civil and administrative cases:


  • Contractual disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Corporate disputes
  • Tax disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Labor disputes
  • Family and inheritance issues


The company is focused on maximum protection of the interests of client and offers reliable and competent legal assistance.



Protection of Interests in Public Agencies


According to the interests of the clients, the company represents them in relations with different public agencies. These can be the following agencies:


  • Appeals board at the Ministry of Finance
  • Administration of tax ombudsman
  • Ministry of Economy and Sustainable development
  • State Procurement and Competitiveness Agency
  • Other public institutions



Tax and Customs Consulting


Tax and customs consulting is one of the priority sectors of the activities of the company.  Proceeding from numerous legislative acts and complicated procedures, competent consulting in this sphere has vital importance. Our services include the following package:


  • Making out in the labyrinth of tax/customs legislation
  • Administration of taxes (calculation, declaration and payment)
  • Making out in the procedures of tax disputes and representation in public agencies
  • Representation in customs agencies and arranging customs clearance



Consulting in State Procurement


State procurement is one of the ways of implementation of Public Private Partnership. Our staff is thoroughly familiar with applicable legislation and procedures of procurement, unified electronic system of state procurement ( and can operate in it.


 Consulting in State Procurement includes delivering consultations to public, as well as private sector:


  • Consultations for public sector :
  • Development of an annual procurement plan
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual reports
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Operation in the unified electronic system of state procurement


  • Consultations for private sector :
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Reporting to the purchasing organization
  • Operation in the unified electronic system of state procurement



Consulting on EU Market for Export


EU market becomes more and more attractive for companies operating in Georgia. In the near future on deep and comprehensive free trade agreement (DCFTA) between Georgia and EU will be signed, which will significantly simplify access of Georgian products to EU market. Despite the above-mentioned, there are numerous procedures for entering EU market.


 Our employees (experts of regulations of European market) can deliver competent consultations in the following spheres:


  • Procedures connected with EU customs legislation and export
  • Regulatory systems of EU connected with standardization of goods/products and their harmlessness
  • Analysis of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) function, its implementation in the enterprise  and ways of its implementation
  • Review of EU market (dynamics of market demand on  certain goods in EU market and general analysis of competitive environment)
  • Information about potential partners (importing companies, consulting, customs agents, brokerage)
  • Detailed analysis of export issues and activities required for exporting  of certain products oriented on export from Georgia to EU;



Entrepreneurial Risks Management


Entrepreneurial risks are accompanying phenomena of modern (permanently changing) business-environment. Management of entrepreneurial risks significantly defines the success of the company and is the main condition for its sustainable development.


Management of entrepreneurial risks includes the following components:


  • Revealing and classification of risks
  • Survey  and evaluation of risks
  • Risk management (including management of project risks)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of risks



Marketing and Sociological Research of Market


Marketing research is the main condition for entering the market by the company and its development after entering. Companies must permanently review such issues as:


  • Position of the competitors on the market and their concentration
  • SWOT analysis of the company (its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  •  Attitude of the customer towards the company and the products


Our services include implementation of any competent research in this area, which will be updated from time to time.





With the assistance of partner auditors and based on International Audit Standards the company renders competent audit service. The company cheap replica rolex employs auditors certified by audit council of Parliament of Georgia, which have experience in auditing lots of small, medium and large companies.


 Audit service includes analysis of accounting documentation, as well as evaluation of property and financial expertise.





We have competent trainers, who conduct trainings in the following areas:


  • Taxation
  • Public procurement
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • PR-technologies



Trainings are conducted for representatives of private, as well as, public sector and other interested parties (students, applicants for employment and so on).


The trainings are mainly conducted by the group of trainers by Team-Teaching method, the advantage of which is teaching of those subjects by the trainer in which he/she has more expertise.


After successful completion of the trainings a bilingual certificate is issued and successful students will be offered internship in our partner organizations.