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5% of the Company profit is intended for socially vulnerable children, another 5% is used to support of educational activities.


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Pocket Tax Book of Georgia



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Public Entities


Parliament of Georgia                                                                                    


Ministry of Finance of Georgia                                                                     


Ministry of Economics and Sustainable Development of Georgia            


National Bank of Georgia                                                                              


Revenue Service of Georgia                                                                          


National Agency of Public Registry                                                              


National Statistical Agency “GeoStat”                                                        


Georgian Stock Exchange                                                                             



International Organizations


International Monetary Fund                                                                        


World Bank                                                                                                     


International Finance Corporation                                                               


European Bank of Reconstruction and Development                                


European Commission                                                                                  


Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe                              


The United States Agency for International Development                         


United Nations Development Program                                                         


German Agency of International Cooperation